Bikes are a major mode of transportation in Key West. In fact, according to a US Census survey, 20% of all the folks who live and work in Key West commute to their jobs and just about everywhere else on bicycles. If you live here and aren’t biking, it’s time to ask yourself why? If you’re visiting, rent a bike and make the most of your time in Key West.

Our entire island is only about 8 square miles. So while we’re big in Conch spirit, we’re pretty small in size, which makes biking the perfect mode of transportation. Here’s how to bike Key West the right way:

Bike routes

These easy-going side streets are marked with signs that let drivers know that they’re in a popular biking area, to keep it slow, and to stay alert. A popular route is the Crosstown Greenway that passes through the heart of Key West via quiet neighborhoods. Use this route if you want to avoid heavy traffic or high wind.

Bike lanes

Bike lanes are part of the roadway intended to provide bicyclists traveling less than the speed limit with a more “comfortable” experience. Bike lanes are intended as “preferential use” lanes, not mandatory use lanes. If you are traveling at or above the speed limit or you feel unsafe, for example next to the door zone of parked cars, you have the legal right to take the vehicle lane. (Florida Law details here).


Trails have zero motor traffic, but you will be sharing the way with walkers and joggers, so stay alert. For a real adventure take a ride on the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, stretching for 106 miles from Key Largo to Key West (FYI, you don’t have to do the whole thing!). Or, stick around Key West and follow the Atlantic Boulevard Trail along the sun-splashed ocean.

How to prevent bike theft

  1. Keep your bike’s serial number handy and take photos just in case.
  2. LOCK IT UP! Purchase a U-lock and lock up your rear wheel and frame to something secure.
  3. Never lock your bike to trees, fire hydrants, private property or street signs.
  4. Lock it up in busy places. Foot traffic prevents theft.

Bike safety tips

  • Bikes are considered vehicles and must obey all traffic regulations 
  • Never ride the wrong way down a one-way street 
  • Always use a light at night 
  • Always ride on the right side of the street with the flow of traffic – never against traffic 
  • Always lock your bike. Even for a few minutes 
  • Bikes are allowed on sidewalks, except on Duval Street. Always yield to pedestrians

Walking and biking timetable (in minutes)