Our island is about living life to the fullest, soaking up the sunshine, kicking back to watch the sunset, and genuinely appreciating the beauty we have at just about every turn. That’s why you just can’t do Key West in a car. Lots of people try, only to end up stuck in traffic and forever searching for that elusive parking space.

Car-Free Key West is an initiative within the City's Engineering Department dedicated to promoting a smart and attainable vision for Key West – Life within pedal strokes and walking distance. Our mission is to “make it safe and easy for more people to bike, walk and use transit and carpool more often.” We work actively with other city departments including Key West TransitPlanningCommunity Services/Public Works, Parking and Police.

More people biking, walking, using the bus and sharing the ride makes our island healthier, happier, more sustainable, and ultimately more prosperous. It means less traffic and parking congestion. It even makes it easier for those who have to drive to do so. The program accomplishes its mission in two ways: we provide information and education to the public and we work to improve infrastructure like bike paths and services like public transportation.

Bike/Ped Plan
The City developed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Key West and Stock Island. The plan offers common sense near-and-long-term changes to our streets that reflect our need for safety, mobility and equity. Find out more about our Bike/Ped Master Plan.

Driving? Park It and Forget It
If you need to drive, we recommend you Park It and Forget It at one of the many City or private lots around downtown. For information about parking lot locations and prices, the main Park n Ride Garage, Employee (for those who work downtown) Parking Lot Permits, Residential Parking Permits and all of the City's parking programs click here.

Getting to Key West Without a Car
You don't need a car to get around once you are here, so why bring it at all?

Additional Resources
In addition to this Car-Free Key West site, you’ll find lots of important information on the City of Key West web site

To contact the Car-Free Key West program:

Ryan Stachurski
Multimodal Transportation Coordinator
City of Key West
E-mail the Multimodal Transportation Coordinator
(305) 809-3867
1300 White Street, Key West, FL  33040

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Contact us today.

We need your support to make Car-Free Key West a success and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. We’re also ready for any insight or ideas that can help us get people to lose the keys and find Key West. Thank you for your interest.

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